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Hodson Energy is a leading utility-scale renewable energy developer focusing on PJM, NYISO, MISO, and ERCOT solar and storage projects.

Hodson’s team combines their early project development track record with a deep background in renewable energy finance. In prior roles, the company leadership has been responsible for 2.5 GW of renewable energy deployment. Since its founding in 2019, Hodson Energy has built an approximate 3 GW pipeline of greenfield solar and energy storage projects in strategic markets.

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Save the Planet by Using Renewable Energy

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We are Building
a Sustainable Future

why us

Energy Transition

Hodson Energy aims to be a significant part of the US energy transition by developing utility-scale solar and storage projects to help make renewable energy technology widely available throughout the United States.

Sustainable Future

We’re building a sustainable future by harnessing the power of the sun. Hodson provides clean, renewable electricity and improves clean energy access for communities across the US.

Global Expertise

A perfect blend of global experience and expertise to further our focus on technology. advancement.


Green Energy

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